struct WebSite::Caddy


Limited Caddyfile parser/builder

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fastcgi : URI? fastcgi, fastcgi=(fastcgi : URI?) fastcgi=, file : Path file, file=(file : Path) file=, gzip : Bool gzip, gzip=(gzip : Bool) gzip=, headers : Hash(String, String) headers, headers=(headers : Hash(String, String)) headers=, hosts : Array(URI) hosts, hosts=(hosts : Array(URI)) hosts=, log_file_error : Path? log_file_error, log_file_error=(log_file_error : Path?) log_file_error=, log_file_output : Path? log_file_output, log_file_output=(log_file_output : Path?) log_file_output=, proxy : URI? proxy, proxy=(proxy : URI?) proxy=, root : Path? root, root=(root : Path?) root=

Constructor Detail

def : Path) #

Parses a Caddyfile from a path.

ameba:disable Metrics/CyclomaticComplexity

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Instance Method Detail

def write #

Writes to the Caddyfile path.

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