module DPPM::Prefix::ProgramData

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conf_path conf_path, config! : ::Config::Types config!, config? : ::Config::Types | Nil? config?, config_file! : Path config_file!, config_file? : Path | Nil? config_file?, database? : Database::MySQL | Nil? database?, deps_with_expr deps_with_expr, each_config_key(&block : String -> ) each_config_key, get_config(key : String)
get_config(key : String, &)
, get_config?(key : String) get_config?, libs_path libs_path, name : String name, path : Path path, pkg_file pkg_file, port_checker(host : String) : PortChecker port_checker, prefix : Prefix prefix, resolve_deps(dependencies : Hash(String, Array(SemanticVersion)) = Hash(String, Array(SemanticVersion)).new) : Hash(String, Array(SemanticVersion)) resolve_deps

Instance Method Detail

def all_bin_paths #

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def app_bin_path #

Path of the application binary.

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def app_path #

Application package path, where is the application executable.

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def available! #

Return self if the root directory is available, else raise.

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def data_path #

Path where application data is stored.

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def exists? #

Returns self if the root directory exists.

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def install_deps(deps : Set(Pkg), shared : Bool = true, &) #

Install the package dependencies.

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def libs #

Libraries on which the application depend.

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def site_path #

Path of the web-sites files.

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